Students at Oakland Christian School enjoyed a special visit from quarterback Jon Kitna of the Detroit Lions. Terry Foster writes, “Kitna gives dozens of speeches each year. He is always engaging and pleasant. He always presents himself well. However, he becomes a different man when he turns from Lions quarterback to missionary.” “The students got to hear a powerful message from a hero and Kitna got to meet like-minded people.”

Kitna took part in the Take a Player to School program, which is sponsored by JC Penney, After school Alliance and the NFL.
Kitna shares, “I get really excited about Christ,” Kitna said. “But that is the way I am on game day. I get fired up. I am a pretty intense person.”

Nicholas Stalworth won the competition and was rewarded by having Kitna in his home, and riding with him in a limo to school. After and embrace, Nicholas said, “thank you for coming to our school.”

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Terry Foster