It’s been quite a year for Major League pitcher Jon Edwards and his wife Katelyn. With last December’s diagnosis of cancer shaking their lives and deciding not to take the recommendations to use in vitro fertilization for a child later, (Jon said to the medical specialist, “Sir, with all due respect, Abraham had children in his 90s. We are just going to trust the Lord with this. We believe God wants good for us and we’ll have babies when that time comes.”) Jon later had clear CAT scans and was cancer-free!

“Cleared to pitch for the Texas Rangers, Jon and Katelyn Edwards went on to spring training in the city of Surprise, Arizona. “There we were and it was, ‘Surprise, you’re pregnant!'” recalls Katelyn, a development the media proclaimed a miracle.

Benjamin was born in October, 2015. His name means “son of my right hand” and “grace.” His middle name David means “beloved.” “These are two truths we desire Benjamin to grow up knowing—he is a beloved child of the Most High, and he has the grace of God on the inside of him.” shares Katelyn.

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By Josh Shepherd / |December 23, 2015