Gavin Floyd has been through a lot of uncertainty in the last few years. Tommy John surgery in May of 2013; June 13, 2014, He was working on a two-hit shutout in Washington. And then, with no warning, the “pop” he felt was the olecranon bone in his elbow breaking, for no reason he or anyone else could fathom.

“I kind of had the mindset that this could be it. I mean, any time you have major surgery, there’s always that risk. So definitely, when you break [a bone in your elbow], you think: ‘Man, am I going to be able to throw a baseball again?'”
And one of the first things he did was phone Blue Jays reliever Steve Delabar, who had fractured this same bone in 2010 and eventually ground all the way back to make an All-Star team. Delabar offered enough encouragement that Floyd resolved he would try again.

“No matter who you are, you’re going to go through stuff. So the more you can stay focused and enjoy what God’s given you right now, and have an impact on people, then you can just enjoy the ride. And enjoy the people around you.”

Read article here.” Jason Stark March 2, 2016